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E.U Driving regulation

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The coach and bus operators industry is supervised by the E.U Driving Regulation

Organize trips for groups is always a great adventure. If you wish to rent a coach or a bus with driver with us, we'll together organize your itinerary and make sure your visits program will be in line with the driving regulation. You'll find below the main E.U rules for the passenger transportation.

Bus & coach driver : Driving and break rules

*All driving and break times subject to EU rules are recorded on a tachograph and can be controlled by competent authorities.

Driving : 9 hours max per day ( can be extended to 10 hours subject to specific conditions )

Breaks : 45 minutes min break after 4h30 driving

Driving : 56 hours max per week and 90 hours max in any 2 consecutive weeks

Bus & coach driver : Length of the working day rules

*The length of a driver's working day is the period between the beginning and the end of his working day.

1 driver at disposal : 12 hours max per day

2 drivers at disposal : 16 hours max per day

Bus & coach driver : Rest rules

Daily rest : 11 hours minimum ( can be reduced to 9 hours subject to specific conditions )

Weekly rest : 45 hours minimum every week ( can be reduced to 24 hours subject to specific conditions )

This is a summary of the European Regulation, please click here if you would like more information.

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Legislation des temps de conduite, louer autocar et bus avec chauffeur

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